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Introducing Human Hair Eyebrows.   read more below..................

Various shapes and colors available.

Stacey and Jenn attend World Trichology Conference in New York        MARCH  2020

Always looking for advance knowedge on hair issues, Jenn and Stacey attended a conference where we heard speakers and trainers discussed hair loss conditions and treatments with hundreds of attendees. Speakers were top Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, researchers and Trichologists who speciaiize in hair and scalp issues.  Topics range from hair loss prevention, diagnosis and treatments.  New research in the field of Trichology; study of hair, are promissing.  DIscussions centered around new Laser treatments, topical products and suppliments as well as proper home care after diagnosing tools to determine many conditions that should be treated as early as possible.  More information coming soon!



Dawn Tesh, a hostess for Jewelry Televison/JTV has a special program called "Back Stage Pass/Extra". following her regular program each Thursday.  During the month of October the program is featuring guests to promote Breast Cancer Awareness with makeovers, information from Susan G. Komen Foundation and a visit from Stacey to discuss tips on purchasing wigs.  Dawn is a survivor, she started chemotherapy 3 years ago and knows the challenge of loosing her hair while maintaining an on-stage presence.  During the several years of treatment and regrowth she became a client of Garde Bien where Stacey was able to find the perfect wigs to wear while her own hair grew back in.  







Many styles and colors.  Easy to use adhesive applied to lace base, mark location to place the eyebrow, hold with tweezers, press and let completely dry in minutes.  Wear for days before removing over night.  Reattach the same eyebrow set for several months.  We recommend purchasing 2 sets for rotation.  If you apply mascara you can apply these too.  






 August 2015  /   Stacey M. Handel and Garde Bien SpaSalon

honored as National Evolve Specialist & Elite Salon Status.  




Evolve executives and educators meet in Florida to develop and improve the

certification program for stylists.  Stacey Handel is a Lead Educator traveling

thru the US to certify licensed hair stylists.  Stylists attend a 3 day certification course to

learn about hair loss and the Evolve intergrated system for women.   

NEW Evolve "Invisible Part"

Provides more style options for women with increased hairloss.

Monofiliment panel for side or middle parts creates the most natural styles. Designed to be worn day and night for 4-5 weeks; this new construction allows water to flow freely when shampooing for a natural look and ease in wearing and having more hair where you need it.



Schedule consultations with Garde Bien trained staff.

Follea Wigs are available!

Follea  "Natures Most Beautiful Hair"

 Investing in a wig is a big step; caring for it should never be a concern.  Stacey offers shampoo, conditioning, shaping and styling for any wig.  Coloring Services and highlighting are also available for human hair wigs.

Find out more about Follea wigs at and Follea current wig prices. Schedule a consultation, have a fitting of cap designs for your size and see Color Selection Swatches with Stacey in a private suite.

European Hair and special cap designs create hair styles for those who want or need a full wig or hairpiece attachment.  Women with Alopecia and Cancer are perfect candidates for the most comfortable cap designs and beautiful silky European hair.  The "Gripper" Collection is the newest cap design offered with Follea.

 Also available:

EVOLVE VOLUMIZER    Wearable solution for thinning hair. 

New Thin Hair Solution for Women.   No adhesives or glue.  100% Human Hair.  If your hair loss is mostly at top and crown this wearable option can enhance your hair without needing a full wig. Human hair where you need it,  Wash and wear as your own with minimal maintenance.    Custom textures, color blends and thicknesses for most natural look and feel. 

                To see makeovers visit:      

Stacey started working with Evolve Volumizers first in 2011; clients come from as far away as Nashville, Kingsport and Johnson City and these women now love their hair.  

        View More makeovers during your consultation with

                              Stacey M. Handel - Certified Stylist and Evolve Educator

                            Call:   865-671-1996















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